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Shorting China. How and why? Market plays and treasuries yields what does it mean?

Disclosure I'm holding Open positions in YANG since 2/15/18. Although china is notorious for manipulating their stock market and their dirty float currency. It seems the rhetoric about china not being able to maintain their dirty float.A free floating yuan may be coming soon. With that in mind along with the fact that billions of dollars may be sapped from their economy. As the effects of tariffs take hold. Shorting china seemed/s like the best play. We may actually see a gradual incline is the DOW and SAP as new tariffs will allow American companies to compete with foreign goods. I'll be on the look out to bargain hunt this week. Although the pain in the American stock market may not be over it should hit level out soon. Much sooner than i see china's leveling out.While bargain hunting i'll be avoiding industries that are being targeted by china such as Agriculture. I'm also about thinking euyuan in forex but it looks like i might be late to that party.
China may also stop buying treasuries. What does this mean? Rate hikes? Inflationary effects? Just what trump wants? Maybe? Is that a bad thing? not necessarily but knowing how to navigate the market when or if this happens is a good ticket to have in your pocket. How to play this is up to you. it's important to make the distinction between real rates and nominal yields and what effects each has on underlying securities and or assets.As well as what effect each will have on the market as a whole.As we move forward through the turbulence. Every investor should be familiar with market scenarios.
If china is unable to maintain a dirty float with the yuan. The people's bank of china may not be able to continually maintain an artificial Shanghai SE Composite Index. We saw the PBC come in and buy, in order to prop up their markets on friday. I don't believe their buying power is infinite though.I look forward to finding more opportunity to short china. I also have to remind myself to be wary when doing so as they do manipulate everything and usually as a general rule.I do not dabble in the Chinese stock market but these are unusual times. As an investor i flock to returns short or long it makes no difference. When long-term yields quickly outperform short-term yields (which we can measure using the Rate of Change indicator) we are likely to see a top in gold – usually a major one. So a short play on gold may be inline if this happens.
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